About Us

You define the goal- we assist in its realization.

AIS has built its reputation as a leading facilitator of change by employing a world-class team of dedicated professionals, analysts and consultants committed to helping our clients achieve the success they seek. We do this through the ongoing monitoring of the constantly changing market realities.

For each of our client's, AIS dedicates a project management team that initially identifies our client's challenges and goals. Once the client's requirements have been realized we execute a comprehensive and cost efficient analysis of existing market realities to deliver a product that is guaranteed to add value to your client's company. After the analysis product has been completed and the potential has been identified, AIS also offers to work with you to implement and consult on business strategies that can help your company realize new levels of success and prosperity.

AIS management teams coordinate with a global network of experts on our client's behalf. Our experts include market and policy experts, economists, financial advisors, company executives, government officials, engineers, scientists and a variety other industry specialists. This diverse set of skills, knowledge and expertise yields innovative solutions to a variety of challenges our clients face. Whether we deliver an analysis, a plan, an assessment, a report, a study, or survey our customers can have total confidence in our product.