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A leader in Foreign Market Analysis and Consulting

AIS globally assists clients enter, evolve and expand in emerging and developed markets by combining fact based market analysis with strategic business management solutions. Our teams of experts not only strive to consult you on all your business needs, but endeavor to be a dedicated part of your team, adding our expertise that has been built on experience. Whatever challenges your organization may face our aim is to meet those challenges and help your business grow and succeed.

The decision to enter in a new market or evolve in an existing business infrastructure can be complex and unstructured. There are multiple stages involved in this decision process and it is imperative that every step is backed up by market facts and a successful strategy.

Our consultancy spans market and industry analysis, competitive analysis, distribution and value chain analysis. We also use our market awareness and expertise to implement customized business solutions to help your business realize growth and expansion in foreign markets. Our people can help you understand a market in a broad sense or tackle your unique business challenge.

AIS is especially adept at helping you find potential for your products and services in emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa & South America. We utilize and maintain a vast repository of knowledge and experience from industries around the world to insure your company’s next step is efficient and prosperous. So let us share our expertise and together make a difference in the world's most dynamic markets.

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